Physical Disabilities Assistance

Retain more Independence with Physical Disabilities Assistance

Even if you have been living with a physical disability for a long time, you can improve how you interact with your home and office with the right support. At Home Occupational Therapy Services, we can provide the physical disabilities assistance needed to make a change. Whether you need to work on upper body strength, regain your ability to walk, or just want to improve the livability of your home, we got your back.

Rehabilitation Services Help You to Reach Your Goals

In many instances, being discharged from the hospital is just the beginning of your return to full health. Our rehabilitation services help you walk the challenging road from the comfort of your home. You may require daily help with major exercises or simply a weekly visit to evaluate your progress. We tailor our services to each individual and create goals that change with your progress.

Teaching New Skills to You and Your Family

In many cases, the health of the patient can rapidly improve with the proper support from family or caregivers. We will work with your close family members to help them understand how they can help and avoid supporting a sedentary approach to rehab. Sometimes the answer is as easy as giving you the proper tool to do the chore yourself instead of taking daily responsibilities off of your plate. Together, you will see more rapid recovery and find real rewards in daily achievements.

Expand your horizons and find added fulfillment in your life when you call At Home Occupational Therapy Services for physical disability assistance today.