NDIS Occupational Therapist

Certified NDIS Occupational Therapist Near Me

Are you now receiving benefits and treatment from the National Disability Insurance Scheme? At Home Occupational Therapy Services can provide you with an NDIC occupational therapist able to help you live a more fulfilling life. Your disability may not be permanent, but therapy can speed your recovery without checking into an expensive and inconvenient rehab center. We will come to you and do everything we can to improve your mobility, access, and confidence in your own space.

Get Back to Normal with Daily Living Retraining

We work with individuals that are fighting back from significant injuries or life-changing diagnosis. Our daily living retraining program combines physical exercise with adjustments to your living space to restore your independence. We will give you the tools to be able to use the bathroom without assistance, fix a meal, and even create an in-home office space. Turn those mountains back into molehills with hard work and professional support.

Assisting Adults and Teens to Expand Function and Comfort

Our therapist Stephanie Channon has years of experience working with adults in all stages of life. She will help family members learn to assist their loved ones while encouraging the patient to strive for more mobility and ability. Most exercises are conducted in your living room using simple equipment that does not take up too much space. She can help to add assistive devices to enable the use of the computer, phone, kitchen, and laundry facilities. Meanwhile, the focus always stays on improving the quality of life for you or your loved one.

If you are working with the NDIS and need the services of an occupational therapist, give At Home Occupational Therapy Services a call today. We can answer any questions that you may have about the therapy program and set up your first appointment. Change only happens when you participate in your own recovery. Call today.