Independent Living Training

Go Home Again with Independent Living Training

You have experienced steady improvement at the rehab facility, but now it is time to continue your recovery at home. Independent living training from At Home Occupational Therapy Services provides just enough support to help you make that transition from patient to client. We can help you find the confidence to tackle what used to be ordinary chores but now pose real physical challenges. Whether you are getting older or are recovering from a significant injury, a little help from a supportive professional will make a huge difference in your life.

Aged Care Services that Help You Remain at Home

Ask us about our Aged Care Services that are designed to support patients suffering from the loss of mental acuity along with the physical challenges of aging. We will provide an exercise regimen designed to keep you mobile and strong. We will also address physical obstacles in your home and suggest adjustments to overcome the problem. Whether you are struggling with the loss of strength after a stroke or chronic disease or are simply overwhelmed by daily tasks, we are here for you.

Adjusting Living Spaces to Accommodate Current Mobility

In many instances, our clients require a few simple changes to the floorplan of their home to improve access. We have the knowledge, contacts, and experience to help you have grab bars, stairlifts, power recliners, or ramps installed. Sometimes it only takes a large button remote, easy grab doorknobs, and the removal of area rugs to restore confidence in your home. In many cases, your therapist may be suggesting simple solutions to what seems like an impossible problem.

No matter if you are just out of rehab or facing new challenges associated with age, At Home Occupational Therapy Services can lend the support you need at this time. We work with your medical team and your insurance provider. Give us a call today, and we will schedule your first appointment for a complete assessment of your needs.