Home Assistive Technology

Living Independently with Home Assistive Technology

Do you live with a disability and are getting frustrated with simple tasks around the house? At Home Occupational Therapy Services can help you connect with the home assistive technology needed to overcome these frustrating problems. Assistive Technology can include power chairs or lifts to help you access more of your home, or it can be something as simple as a new handle on the door. Rediscover the comfort of your own home again when you work with us.

Pairing You with the Right Adaptive Equipment

Our occupational therapist will visit you at your home and make an assessment of your situation. Solutions can include physical therapy that can restore strength and flexibility, repositioning furniture, and suggesting new adaptive equipment. You may need a new walker, cane, crutches, or an extendable grabber. The solutions are as varied as our clients. Each patient is treated as an individual.

A Certified Therapist to Support You in Your Home

You will work with Stephanie Channon, an occupational therapist with extensive experience working with adults recovering from an injury or adjusting to a new disability. Every visit takes place in your house so that she can see exactly where you are struggling and create an effective plan of action. With hard work and dedication, many of her patients are able to return to an independent lifestyle and even build a rewarding career. Her job is not to just make your home more accessible, but give you the tools to improve mobility and confidence.

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