At Home Occupational Therapy

Live Better with At-Home Occupational Therapy

Were you just discharged from the hospital and are facing some long-term recovery challenges? At Home Occupational Therapy Services can help you overcome short-term physical and mental disabilities or help you and your family adjust to a new situation. Stephanie Channon will be by your side as you recover mobility and can focus on restoring strength to an injured leg, arm, or major muscle group.

Occupational Therapist Supporting Your Goals After Injury or Surgery

As a certified occupational therapist, she will work with your doctor to come up with achievable goals. Many exercises and practices can be done in the comfort of your home. She can help you relearn many tasks that used to be easy from opening a jar to using the bathroom with dignity and confidence. Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength without causing further injury to your body.

Restoring Independence and Expanding Abilities

It may have been a major accident that left you with crutches, pins, or an amputation. Learn to adjust how you tackle daily tasks and receive training so that you can return to work as soon as possible. Stephanie has extensive experience working with seniors, enabling you to remain in your home for longer. She is able to identify physical obstacles to your independence and help you to add assistive devices that eliminate the impediment.

At Home Occupational Therapy Services work in concert with your medical team, insurance, and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Give us a call to schedule your first consultation so we can build a plan of action for a brighter and more independent future.